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We have one of the widest steel product catalogs in the industry. We specialize in Flat Rolled Steel, and can make your needs tailored to meet your specifications with different finishes like Galvanized Steel or Welded Steel.

Tinplate Coil - Sheet

Tinplate is a material that is made with the process of coating wrought iron or steel sheets with tin. This material is usually used to prevent rust from occurring.

Misprinted Tinplate Sheet

Haddad Co. Tinplate and Steel has misprint tinplates available at all times with various sizes, thicknesses and assorted or unassorted lacquered or plain sheets.

We make distinction between the following materials of misprints:

  • Tinplate Assorted Misprinted Sheets
  • Tinplate Unassorted Misprinted Sheets

Galvanized Coil

Galvanized steel is coated with a thin layer of zinc when it leaves the mill. This coating protects it from rust and also protects fasteners against corrosion during transport.

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