About Us


Who we are

Haddad-Co Trading is a trusted family-owned and operated
wholesale general materials distributor located in China, Turkey and Iraq, with
over 25 years of experience, we proudly serve over 3,000 clients.

We do a business in general raw materials such as tinplate,
misprinted in sheets and galvanized steel, and machines for producing metal
cans and plastic. 

Haddad-Co started our operations under the name Techno cans in
Syria and we were swiftly able to find a partner in HB CO. SRL, located in
Italy. And China our company establish in Guangzhou city In order to provide
the full service for our clients. 

Our commitment extends beyond local communities, as we also supply goods to numerous countries worldwide. We are dedicated to fostering long-lasting relationships, providing exceptional service, and driving success for our valued retail partners at every step.

Our values and principles are important to us.

We at HaddadCo hold customer-centric principles as the foundation of our long-term relationship with customers. Our team consistently considers values of loyalty, respect, high-quality work, security, and excellence to be crucial to our success. We’re dedicated to ensuring that these values are always upheld.